Big Mama

Big Mama loved to cook, read and garden; everything she made usually came from her garden.  She was renowned for her Roux’s and Gumbo and loved teaching the health benefits of each ingredient and always preached about quality over quantity.


She cooked using recipes that were passed down to her or created her own.  Big Mama always claimed that, “the spirit of our ancestors told me what ingredients to use”.  She called it, “Soul Food”.


So we strive to represent the very best of Big Mama’s products and the soul of her recipes by using the finest ingredients: Wild-Caught Seafood, Organic Chicken, Organic Chicken & Organic Turkey Andouille Sausage (casein-free) and the finest seasonings.  Non-GMO, No Pork, No Antibiotics, No Nitrates or Nitrites added.

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