"Your Gumbo!!!! Is Yumbo!!!

Full of unique flavors, and loaded with chunks of wholesome goodness!!"

Having spent several years in New Orleans I have very particular tastes when it comes to gumbo, and it's nearly impossible to find good gumbo out here in SoCal. Big Mama's Gumbo is definitely the exception, it's legit Louisiana-style gumbo.

I highly recommend it!

Big Mama's reminds me of some of the best gumbo available in my hometown, New Orleans!  You've captured the flavors, aroma and mouth feel of authentic Creole Gumbo! -Laissez Les Bon Temps Roule'!!!

"OMG!! That Gumbo was YUMMY to my TUMMY!!  My 9yr old son wanted a whole quart for himself. lol *two thumbs up*  I really enjoyed your Gumbo, thank you so much again!"

"OMG! Very tasty, the Gumbo was delicious.

Very authentic."

"I've eaten Gumbo my entire life and I have to say, your Gumbo is the best I've ever had!"

"I loved it.  The Creole Gumbo was fantastic, it had the flavor of authentic Southern cooking but the quality of ingredients was more that of upscale.  There were so many different flavors that each bite was unique, partly what made it such great Gumbo!"

"This Gumbo was made with the highest quality meats of any I’ve ever had, you can actually taste the freshness. And the Roux should be its own food group!"

"The Gumbo was scrumptious!!  Perfect balance of meats, and the okra made it that much better. The Roux was flavorful and perfect thickness, my son and I ate every bit of the 32oz!"

"OMG—The Gumbo was The Bomb!!!!

I took Big Mama’s Gumbo home to enjoy for dinner. It was surprisingly nice to open the lid to see big chunks of chicken, sausages, shrimps jumping out at me....and the flavor was deliciously Yummy Yummy!!  Almost caused a war in my house because my roommate demolished my leftover!"

"Your Gumbo was delicious and the Roux was excellent.  You put more shrimp, crab legs and chicken then I've ever had in a Gumbo.  It was more like gourmet Gumbo."

"Truly some of the best Gumbo I've ever tasted.  Made with the best ingredients but most of all made with love ????"

"AMAZING! SIMPLY THE BEST! Your Gumbo rivals the one served by Mr. B's in New Orleans, my favorite spot for Gumbo.  Thank you!"

"First time Gumbo-er here and I didn’t know what to expect.  The carefully prepared bowl was placed in front of me and my first bite wowed with flavor!  The shrimp was my fave with wonderful texture.  No need to fly to the South, homemade Gumbo is right here in LA (Los Angeles)!"

"I consider myself to be a snooty Gumbo connoisseur.  I cook it myself and don't like everybody's Gumbo.  But I can definitely say that when you're hankerin' for some delicious, down home style Creole Gumbo, look no further!  This is the real deal... tasty and filled with all of the good stuff that makes Gumbo a very special treat, and all you do is heat & eat.  Try it once and you'll be back for more..real soon!"

"Sweet Big Mama! From the very first bite, my taste buds were quite pleased. I found your Gumbo to have the perfect balance of spice..all of the ingredients clearly were of high quality—there’s just a naturalness to the taste in how the Gumbo was prepared, I plan to buy more."

"Big Mama's Gumbo! If you're craving Authentic New Orleans Style Gumbo, look no further!  This Gumbo is freshly prepared and ready to warm up and eat.  I acquired it frozen, with little preparation it was going down the belly.  I fully endorse this Gumbo to all you Gumbo Connoisseurs.

Five Star Rating."

"Your Gumbo was the bomb!! My three young sons usually don't ask for seconds on any food but before I could finish serving myself, they were already asking for seconds."

"Absolutely Phenomenal! Having roots from New Orleans, I can definitely say, Big Mama's Gumbo is CERTIFIED. That last bite always makes me realize. I should have ordered more.."

"My mother never made it and I never really cared for other people's Gumbo, but this Gumbo, I love! "

"I've always added a little sugar to my Gumbo and have never eaten a Gumbo I didn't feel like it didn't need it; however, this Gumbo doesn't need anything.  I'm very impressed, it is very delicious and well balanced."

"Mmmmm...I loved it!  It was so good!  I love this kind of food and to know it's healthy on top of that!? Wow! I truly enjoyed this Gumbo, every bite was so good and you could taste the quality."

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